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[137] Protesters in Nabatieh, shut down companies such as OGERO, Liban Post, Banque du Liban and several banks[citation needed] despite state-exerted political pressure towards the protesters in this region. Khalaf's contenders were Nader Gaspard, Saadeddine Al Khatib, and Ibrahim Moussallem. [114] Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation in a televised address on the afternoon of 29 October. He also demanded lifting banking secrecy on political officials' accounts and insisting accountability, as well as a return of misused or stolen public funds. The reason for his arrest was unclear, with some sources claiming it was due to attempting to cross a security perimeter during the previous day's protest near Baabda Palace. [339] The decision was reached after several hours of an emergency cabinet meeting which resulted to the closure of its land borders, seaports and Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut. One protester was injured. [91], On 23 October, Hariri held a meeting with the ministerial committee in charge of financial and economic reforms, discussing a draft law on the recovery of public money and requesting suggestions on it from the Supreme Judicial Council within ten days. [501], Following Mustapha Adib’s resignation, French President Emmanuel Macron on 27 September, blamed Lebanon's leaders for being unable to establish a new government and described their failure as a betrayal. [43] Forecasts for the Lebanese economy worsened over the 2010s and by 2019 GDP per capita reached its lowest since 2008 and the debt-to-GDP ratio reached its highest since 2008 at 151%. [442] That same day, Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beirut. Upon Macron’s arrival at the Beirut International airport, he urged for the immediate establishment of a new cabinet. The Lebanese Army and riot police were deployed across the country in an effort to reopen the roads. [461] During the protests, at least two protesters were said to have been injured as a result of metal pellets used by the Lebanese security forces, according to Al Jazeera. Bad planning, corruption and the sudden shock of a pandemic have caused the Lebanese currency to crash and consumer prices to jump. [184][185][186], On 23 November, five youths, including children aged 12 and 15, were detained by Lebanese military intelligence after taking down a banner which supported the Free Patriotic Movement, which is the party of President Aoun. [295] Four people had been injured and taken to the hospitals in Beirut, with 8 other people sustaining minor injuries, the Lebanese Red Cross announced. [444], On 8 August 2020, thousands of protesters stormed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bustros Palace) during demonstrations. In response, protesters called for a general strike to be held on the same day, and published a list of demands which included bolstering guarantees for a speedy trial, working towards a solution for the economic crisis, guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and investigating the misuse of public funds.[144][145]. [408], On 25 June, protests erupted across Lebanon amidst deteriorating economic conditions in the country, with several protesters shutting down various roads in Lebanon. [198][199], Resigned Prime Minister Saad Hariri formally announced on 26 November that he would not run again for the position. Pantomimes, an annual British cultural institution, are canceled. 13 août 2020 . More than 137,000 received shots in the first week in the U.K., and other news from around the world. Behind him was Fouad Tawk, 53, who had retired after 24 years in the Lebanese Army with a pension that used to be worth $800 per month. Members of the 2018–2022 Lebanese Parliament, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, American University of Science and Technology, protesters who gathered in several cities,, "Nasrallah: Lebanon is facing two major menaces; the first is the financial and economic collapse and the second is the Lebanese people's rage at the political elite", "Tripoli Will Remove All Political Posters From its City! (Video via an eyewitness)", "Lebanon parliament postpones session as protesters block roads", "Defiant protesters hold rival parade on Lebanon independence day", "Diverse Lebanon protesters unite to celebrate 'real' independence day", "Lebanese citizens take to the streets to celebrate Independence Day", "Five released after arrest for tearing down FPM banner", "Hezbollah accuses US of meddling in Lebanon's crisis", "Scores protest foreign interference outside U.S. Embassy", "Uprising day 39: Protesters reclaim the coast", "It seems a couple people were beaten because they were suspected of being Hezbollah supporters. [110] Pope Francis addressed the Lebanese people expressing their struggle in the face of challenges and social, moral and economic problems of the country, expressing he's praying that Lebanon can continue to be a place of peaceful coexistence, and urging the Lebanese government to listen to the concerns of the people. "Covering large protests in many parts of the Middle East has always been so hard for women journalists — we remember the many terrible incidents that happened during the Arab Spring. [330] Considering the current economic situation in Lebanon, a judge has reportedly halted an order of assets freezing of 20 banks, including their directors. [69][70] Civil servants announced a strike with immediate effect through League of Public Sector Employees, arguing that the proposed reforms would "undermine the rights of employees and pensioners in particular". [488][489] According to Lebanon's sectarian-based power-sharing system, Adib being a Sunni Muslim, makes him qualified to become Lebanon’s PM. #Lebanon Army visible forming what could be a line b/w protestors the partisans", "#Hezbollah & Amal supporters trashed the protestors' sound system, threatened them and also cornered most of them in an office around the street where army officers served as a buffer front to protect protestors in #Baalbak #Lebanon #LebanonProtests", "Confrontation between FPM, Kataeb Supporters in Bikfaya", "Lebanon Clashes Threaten to Crack Open Fault Lines", "Kataeb supporters lob stones at FPM supporters in Bikfaya, one injury reported –[VIDEOS]", "Overnight clashes in Lebanon injure dozens as tensions rise", "Gas station owners announce open-ended strike from Thursday", "Mothers lead march between Muslim-Christian suburbs", "Fear, turmoil in Lebanon as its financial crisis worsens", "Lebanon pays $1.5B Eurobond: Finance Ministry source", "Day 43: Protests at VAT building, Central Bank", "Arab League Says Ready to Help Solve Lebanon Crisis", "Uprising day 44: Protesters gather outside state institutions", "Report: Hizbullah Asks Aoun to 'Postpone' Consultations", "Lebanon: 'Hezbollah' Asks Aoun to Postpone Consultations to Try Persuade Hariri", "Lebanon's protestors unimpressed by proposaals for next prime minister", "Lebanon: Suicide of indebted father sparks anger as economic woes grow", "Roads blocked after political consensus on Khatib", "March against sexual harassment in Beirut", "Lebanese women march in Beirut against sexual harassment", "Marwan, you've been all but Habib to Lebanese women, no proof needed", "Lawyer files suit against alleged serial harasser after numerous women step forward", "Lebanon safety of women journalists in jeopardy amidst protests", "Lebanon crisis: PM Candidate Samir Khatib withdraws from consideration", "Lebanon: Hariri emerges as PM candidate, Khatib withdraws", "Aboudi Kakhiyeh Died in Tripoli This Morning 3 Days Before His Engagement", "Angry Protesters Attack Lebanese City's Municipality", "Quatre manifestants arrêtés à l'aube à Jounieh, libérés en soirée", "Security forces violently attack protestors near Berri residence", "Street battles in Beirut as counterprotesters clash with police", "Traangas en rubberen kogels gebruikt tegen demonstranten Beiroet", "Security forces fire tear gas, rubber bullets in Beirut protest", "Violent protests erupt on streets of Beirut", "ولما تبين لي انه رغم التزامي القاطع بتشكيل حكومة اختصاصيين، فإن المواقف التي ظهرت في الأيام القليلة الماضية من مسألة تسميتي هي مواقف غير قابلة للتبديل، فإنني أعلن انني لن أكون مرشحا لتشكيل الحكومة المقبلة، ٢/٣", "Lebanon crisis: Dozens wounded in second night of clashes in Beirut", "Angry confrontations in Lebanon before parliament sitting", "Day 61: Roadblocks in North, Quiet in Beirut", "Lebanon delays nomination of new PM amid protests, divisions", "Infiltrators fail to intimidate protesters", "Chaos ensues after video targeting Shiite figures goes viral", "Protest squares attacked in Beirut, south Lebanon overnight", "Shiite groups' supporters clash with security forces in Beirut, opening a new chapter in Lebanon's crisis", "Lebanon's Saad Hariri says he does not want to be next PM", "Hariri Withdraws Nomination for PM Post, Urges against Postponing Consultations", "AUB professor Hassan Diab emerges as favorite for PM designation", "Lebanon's Hariri says he will not be PM again", "Lebanon ups security at protest sites after violence", "Lebanon protests: University professor Hassan Diab nominated to be PM", "Lebanese president asks Hassan Diab to form government", "Roadblocks across Lebanon as anger rises over Diab pick as PM", "Thousands protest in Lebanon against new Prime Minister Hassan Diab", "Lower turnout as protesters rally against new Lebanon PM", "Hundreds share Christmas dinner in Martyrs' Square", "الحركة السياحية تراجعت 80% وإلغاء الحجوزات مستمر... كيدانيان لـ"النهار": مبادرة تتضمّن أسعاراً "إغرائية" للسياح", "Protesters call for Lebanon's new PM to quit as crisis deepens", "Protesters demand new PM's resignation in Lebanon", "لبنانيون يتظاهرون أمام منزل رئيس الحكومة حسان دياب احتجاجا على تكليفه", "Lebanese Protesters Clash with Police outside Central Bank as Aoun Blames 'Obstacles' for Govt. According to local media, Fleity committed suicide because he was unable to provide for his family after losing his job. Investigation continues next Monday", "Military Prosecutor charges colonel at scene of Abou Fakher killing", "Affaire Alaa Abou Fakher: Le procureur militaire inculpe 2 militaires", "Lebanon is experiencing a social revolution", "The Iraqi and Lebanese people want their countries back. Many public properties, shops, were destroyed by the protesters. [279] However, Haaretz Newspaper has rejected any connection to Nicholas Frakes, arguing that the live video feed of the anti-government protest uploaded on their Facebook account was from Reuters, the Jerusalem Post added. [522][523][524], In contrast to the 2005 Cedar Revolution, in which support for the main sides of the political conflict were aligned with political parties and the Sunni–Shiite Muslim sociological and religious divide in Lebanon, the 2015–2016 Lebanese protests started to include criticism of leaders within the anti-Hezbollah community. His party held four seats within the government: Minister of Labor Camille Abou Sleiman, Minister of Administrative Development May Chidiac, Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani, and Minister of Social Affairs Richard Kouyumjian. In the southern city of Sidon demonstrators set a central bank building ablaze with petrol bombs for a second night. [492] The 48-year-old little-known diplomat was able to acquire 90 votes out of the 128-member parliament of legislators. [89] In the afternoon, an emergency cabinet meeting was held. Molotov cocktails had been thrown at an army vehicle and at least 5 banks in the city in the previous days, and heavy gunfire was heard. That strategy, which analysts have likened to a state-sponsored Ponzi scheme, ran out of gas last year when new depositors suspected the policy was unsustainable and stopped coming. The decision was verified by an official at the office of the public prosecutor, even though no additional comment was given. The order for the director's arrest was issued by A Lebanese financial prosecutor, Ali Ibrahim. However, he indicated that Hezbollah was against the government resigning and instead asked citizens to divert blame from Hariri's cabinet to the previous government, which was also to blame for the state of the economy. [214] Arab League ambassador Hossam Zaki formally expressed "readiness" to help solve the political and economic crisis in Lebanon for the first time since the beginning of the protests. As we fight corruption in our home, we should support those fighting corruption in theirs", "The Arab Spring rose up to fight corruption, repression, inequality and austerity. [82] As the protests carried on throughout the day, there were reports of Amal Movement militants harassing and opening fire on protesters in Tyre. [485] Following his speech, he proceeded to the presidential palace where President Michel Aoun approved the resignation of his cabinet. [301] Protesters were gathered on a road leading to the US embassy, northeast of Beirut, waving Palestinian flags, with some of the protesters chanting “Death to America! Chaoul's publicly posted resignation directly placed blame on the government and ruling elite stating "Whilst the IMF has confirmed the quantum of these losses, the establishment (the political class, the monetary authorities, and the financial sector as a whole has opted to dismiss the magnitude of these losses that impose themselves as an incontestable reality and has embarked on a populist agenda". [149] Nasrallah also called for banking secrecy and any prior amnesty for public representatives to be lifted, "dating back to 1992". In Beirut, protesters clashed with security forces outside the Central Bank. Abou Fakhr's death appeared to have been unprovoked, as he was unarmed and attending the protest with his wife and child. [176], Currency and payment issues are causing additional burden on hospitals. His nomination came just the same day as the French President Emmanuel Macron’s second planned visit to Lebanon within a month, to discuss various needs for reform. A nation of 5.4 million on the Mediterranean with a variety of religious sects and large groups of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, Lebanon has long suffered from internal conflict and spillover from the wars afflicting its neighbors. [130] In the afternoon, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the streets across Lebanon in a "Sunday of unity". [345][346] The decision to remove the camps was made amid growing concerns over the further spread of coronavirus, according to the Lebanese government. [180] Many protesters were gravely injured. [399] BBC reported that President Michel Aoun disclosed that the central bank is expected to start injecting US dollars into the market, so as to stabilize the plummeted exchange rate. Some physical clashes ensued, and the confrontations continued to occur sporadically until later in the evening. The banking association of Lebanon urged for the rejection of the plan by members of parliament, maintaining that it does not need to be passed, as it infringes on private property rights. Protesters began appearing in the early morning of 13 November near the heavily fortified Baabda Presidential Palace to express dissatisfaction with President Aoun's speech a few hours earlier, and picked up in pace as the day progressed. [262][263] The Times of Israel added that school and university students participated in some of the demonstrations. [245][246], On 18 December, Hariri announced that he did not want to be reappointed Prime Minister, calling on the president to designate a new Prime Minister immediately. They were released the same evening after another protest blocked the Jounieh highway. '17 October revolution'),[17] are a series of civil protests that have been taking place in Lebanon. [337][338], Amid fears of the further spread of coronavirus in Lebanon, on 15 March, the government decided to put in place a state of emergency, leaving its crippling economy in a stalemate. [244] Protest encampments in several places, including Beirut, Saida and Nabatieh, were ransacked and destroyed during the night. [449][450] By Sunday, three ministers stepped down following the explosion. [467][468], On 10 September, a huge fire reportedly broke out at Beirut’s port which was believed to have originated from a warehouse where oil and tires were kept, the Lebanese army disclosed. There were 36 items to be discussed, including the increase of Value Added Tax (VAT) by 2pp by 2021 and an additional 2pp by 2022, making it reach a total of 15%. [307], On 10 February, women's groups at the local level in Lebanon, including other alienated groups, are demanding for their rights to be honored by the Lebanese government, Al Jazeera reported. [414][415] The interview with the minister has raised doubts regarding the relationship between Prime Minister Hassan Diab's assumed technocratic government and the current political elite comprising the likes of President Aoun. He supported Hariri's reforms, but did confirm a need to "review the current government" within the "state institutions", and not through protesting. He added that he was embarrassed with the Lebanese political leaders during his news conference in Paris, stating that they had no regard for the commitments dedicated to France and the entire International community. [457][458] Following these findings, HRW called for an independent investigation into the misconduct carried out by the Lebanese security forces. [306], According to the Middle East Monitor, in a statement issued by the Lebanese Information Minister Abdul Samad on 6 February, he disclosed that the new government of Lebanon has agreed to the approval of a new policy statement, which is believed to include a clause calling for the return of refugees back to their various countries. There is one government-owned television channel, Tele Liban , which was established in 1957. [431][432] According to VOA News, after the previous visit of the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to the capital Beirut, he was criticized by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which Hitti found to be disappointing. [232], Protesters in Tripoli resumed blocking roads on 11 December. [270] Human Rights Watch has urged authorities to free detainees that haven't been charged with a recognizable crime and that the Ministry of Interior should quickly hold security officers responsible for the excessive use of force on protesters. The small group of protesters gathered in front of the Al-Mawarid Bank's Hamra branch in west Beirut, with some people putting on surgical masks and others without, Al-Arabiya added. [179] Protesters began gathering early in the morning. We will die and Palestine survive," according to France 24. [46] The combination of an economic downturn in the import-dependent country with the continuation of its dollar peg saw an increase in the government's budget deficit and a reliance on using foreign exchange reserves from the nation's central bank to keep the currency peg. Sources claimed that Daou and Abou Fakhr were acquainted prior to the murder, implying a personal motive. [425] In the Sanayeh area of Beirut, protests were also held by drivers outside the headquarters of the Interior Ministry, as they demanded for reduction of fuel prices and other charges. [460], As Lebanon turned 100 years old on September 1st, 2020, riled protesters gathered to demand justice for those impacted by the port blast. [311] In an attempt by protesters to evade security checkpoints, they started to form up at various points in Beirut, but some lawmakers reportedly spent the night in the parliament ahead of the meeting, in order to avoid being prevented by protesters. Corporate banking activity was similarly heavily restricted, and international bank transfers from Lebanon were halted almost completely, subject to manual per-transfer approval. [518] Abou Fakhr's death triggered a substantial increase in protest activity, with reported clashes with army forces and additional roads being barricaded in protest. [395], On 11 June, fresh violence erupted in Lebanon's capital Beirut, after the Lebanese pound significantly depreciated against the US dollars as angry protesters took to the streets. [12] Ján Kubiš, the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon, issued multiple statements on Twitter warning against escalating confrontation between protesters and Hezbollah/Amal Movement supporters. Amal and Hezbollah released statements asking the men to fall back, but these calls were not immediately heeded. [86] Gunfire was heard outside the Tripoli office of Firas Al-Ali, an associate of Hariri. [475] Anti-government protesters were also reported to have clashed with rival protesters backing President Michel Aoun, Arab News added. [479][480] So far, no casualties have been reported during the incident. Convoys for some Members of Parliament were recorded shooting live bullets or speeding into crowds in an attempt to disperse protesters. Lebanon's government debt is about 170% of its yearly gross domestic product. The protest was the first significant rally since August 8, which left thousands of anti-government protesters injured as they were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition from security forces. But previously promised aid has never arrived because Lebanon has failed to make progress on the funders’ required reforms. The Lebanese government failed to deploy its firefighting equipment due to lack of maintenance and had to rely on aid from neighboring Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.[37][38]. [48][49] The coalition government led by Saad Hariri responded with an austerity program of general tax increases and spending reductions, with the aim to reduce the government deficit while maintaining the peg against the U.S. Not doing so or doing the opposite is rather reckless," Kiran added. [64] Protesters saw the "WhatsApp tax" as the last straw, socially, politically and economically, against the entire political class, which was deemed corrupt and in need of immediate ousting. This inflamed tensions between protesters and pro-government Hezbollah/Amal Movement supporters. That has made it the third most indebted state in the world, and rampant corruption has further siphoned funds from state coffers. The protests created a political crisis in Lebanon, with Prime Minister Saad Hariri tendering his resignation and echoing protesters' demands for a government of independent specialists. [72] The leader of the Forces, Samir Geagea, called for the resignation of the Prime Minister, due to the "resounding failure to halt the deterioration of the [country's] economic situation". Protesters then gathered outside parliament to condemn Hariri's candidacy and demand an independent candidate. Lebanon’s economic problems have been building for years as its government has become one of the world’s most indebted.Credit...Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The New York Times. Now it is worth just over $200. [29][30][31][32][33] Moreover, the prices of both oil and bread had been increasing as well as the rates of unemployment and poverty nationwide- in fact, the youth unemployment has reached 37% and the general unemployment 25% as of August 2019. [81] The General Secretary of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, addressed the nation in the morning, speaking against the imposed taxes. On the national scale, they have been asking for social, political, and economic reform, in hopes of finding respectable job prospects after graduation without nepotism or sect bias. He added that the decision regarding the extension was reached in line with the recommendation of the Higher Defense Council. “Our whole life is going to change,” she said. [151] Aoun's interview proved exceedingly unpopular with the protest movement, which began blocking an unprecedented number of arterial roads in Beirut and across Lebanon before the interview was even concluded including Qob Elias,[152] "Ring Bridge",[153] Dahr el Baidar,[154] Jiyyeh,[155] Nahr el Kalb,[156] Neemeh,[157] Beddawi,[158] Abdeh, Mahmara, Braqil,[159] Madina Riyadiyya,[160] Verdun,[161] Jal el Dib,[162] Hasbaya,[163] the Palma highway,[164] Aley,[165] Cola,[166] Dawra,[167] Sayyfi,[168] Corniche al Mazraa,[169] and Sassine. [365] Protests also took place in Sidon on 27 April. [331][332], On 7 March, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that Lebanon would default on a Eurobond repayment and pursue restructuring its debt. [123] "Unofficial" capital controls were imposed by individual banks to prevent a bank run, with personal withdrawals being limited to US$3,000 per week or per month depending on individual banks. The Lebanese Red Cross claimed that dozens of people were injured including one female FPM activist injured to the head,[207] while the Lebanese army said that at least 16 people were detained for their involvement in the clashes. The protesters were met with violence, tear gas and rubber bullets by the Lebanese internal security forces. [85], On 20 October, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in locations throughout the country, making it the largest demonstrations since 2005. interests". A rooftop in Beirut last month. [369][370] Following minor amendments, the approval of the plan was unanimously agreed by the government during the cabinet meeting at the presidential palace in Baabda, according to SBS. Additionally, 265 restaurants and cafes closed their doors in the last two months. The two who remained were earning only half salaries — for now. [121][122], Lebanon's banks reopened on 1 November 2019, after two weeks of closure, the longest bank closure in the nation's history. [97] A report by Standard & Poor's downgraded its credit assessment of Lebanon to "CreditWatch negative" due to the government's low creditworthiness and economic pressures relating to the reforms. [300], On 2 February, a protest was held outside the United States embassy in Beirut, by hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians, in opposition to the US plan for ending the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. [215], On 29 November 2019, protests occurred in front of the Lebanese Central Bank and some other judiciary and administrative government buildings and institutions, with the aim of preventing public sector employees from entering these institutions. The former foreign minister further claimed that he came to Davos "on his own expenses". [241][242] At night, protesters gathered close to Saad Hariri's Beirut residence to reject his reappointment. Le président français Emmanuel Macron réunit à nouveau ce mercredi 2 décembre une conférence des donateurs pour le Liban. [396] Several roads were shut down across Lebanon by anti-government protesters, consequently clashing with security forces who used tear gas to disperse the crowd. [132][133] These attacks were presumed to be affiliated with Hezbollah. [27] Lebanon is a mosaic of various religious factions. In an interview, the president, Fadlo Khuri, said the university had to figure out how to protect the purchasing power of faculty whose salaries have been effectively reduced by the currency crash, as well as help students struggling to pay tuition. [364] The next day, all banks in Tripoli announced their temporary closure until security has been restored, as they have been the targets attacks and rioting. The Lebanese Army also arrived at the scene later on that night. [290] On 22 January, as Lebanon's new government convened, protesters in the capital gathered to discredit the meeting, smashing windows and breaking down security blockages encircling the parliament building. Consultez l’ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Liban publiés le lundi 14 décembre 2020. [92] In the evening, Hariri also held a meeting with members of the Progressive Socialist Party to discuss the latest developments in the country. [276] More than 60 wounded people are believed to have received treatment, while at least 40 people have been rushed to the hospitals, the Lebanese Red Cross stated. Vers un développement durable : les options du Liban au-delà de la crise financière Publié le 27 novembre 2020 par J.B. lire l'article [182], President Michel Aoun gave a speech on 21 November, on the eve of Lebanese Independence Day, in which he called for an end to protests and "hateful language on the streets" and promised an "anti-corruption cabinet". Suleiman Haroun, the head of the Lebanese Syndicate of Hospitals, said that medical stocks in the country "will not last more than a month" unless a solution is found. [142], It was reported on 9 November 2019 that the dollar-rationing policies implemented by Lebanese banks were at risk of causing major shortages and price hikes in gasoline, petrol, food and other vital supplies. [406][407], On 22 June, a female activist, Kinda El-Khatib, was charged with the crime of "dealing with the enemy [Israel]" and visiting occupied Palestinian territories, after she was taken from her home in Akkar on 18 June. [68] protesters created roadblocks on the major roads of the country, using burning tires and trash cans to stop access. Lost Frequencies 531,086 views. [421] A note, a Lebanese flag and a copy of spotless criminal record were discovered on the busy street in Beirut where the first victim, a 61-year-old man from the eastern region of Hermel shot himself.

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