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[–]Nysor 15 points16 points17 points 10 months ago (0 children). [–]PeppaPig85210 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (4 children), The build up was pretty weak, but everything after the doorbell rings is pretty great, [–]EugenesMullet 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (3 children). Beautiful and inspiring cinematography. What things did you not enjoy about the latter half? I get that it’s railing against the system, but do we really need buckets of blood to say that? No es de sorprender que esté tan sobrevalorada por la crítica, porque la crítica ha evolucionado para mal, ahora son más doble-moral que nunca, estigmatizan unas películas y sobrevaloran otras. Parasite is the most overrated Oscar winner of all time and apparently nobody is allowed to discuss the flaws, plot holes, and very problematic subtext without being harassed. **** movie let's start first you have the most hate able character and then you say rich people are bad but if they were kind then the main character will steal them and kill the innocent father with family with underage guy who **** underage girl old man lies and of e course female character for sexual reason + the movie have sex moment for no reason and it's for you if you do like the movie you will sex movie moment and this movie isn't comedy it's not at all, Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, The Freshman 15: 2020's Best Debut Albums, Best of 2018: Film Awards and Nominations, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Beautifully shot but terrible pacing, acting, scripting, and really seems to care more about shoving class differences down your throat and focusing on shock value over actual storytelling. You’ve never seen a movie quite like “Parasite.” Dammit. Nice write-up, very in-depth. He hides with his family after trying to celebrate and dream for a moment, thinking about what life might be like on top of the hill. 483. Movie wasn't that great. And the Park family aren't bad guys. Why would they dig deeper? He saw a bigger picture and decided that the goal was worth the journey. Entonces, yo recomiendo que la vean y saquen sus conclusiones, pero hay tantos cabos sueltos en la película, que es absurda, además la película lleva una línea interesante, a la cual se le da un giro inesperado, muy bueno, pero el hilo inicial se pierde, luego comenzamos a ver un montón de cosas agregadas que tampoco es normal, muy absurdas diría yo. Speaking to Parasite's Negative Reviews (SPOILER ALERT) (self.movies). I find that opposing views can be illuminating as far as understanding the thought processes of people whoI do not agree with. And it's hard to catch during the film, but when I looked at photos of their apartment, I saw signs that they didn't always live there. That the film does not deliver absolutes is a virtue. I left it percolating. Yup, though I've added that Ki-taek getting beat down extended to well before the beginning of the film, too. And now he is at the party, being told to act like a savage native to be killed by a child. Everyone is allowed to like or dislike a film for whatever reasons they see fit. Parasite Movie Review: Critics Rating: 4.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,With an insightful and searing exploration of human behavior, ‘Parasite’ is a masterfully crafted fi [–]its2ce[S] 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (2 children). Parasite left me flat, in spite of trying too hard to capture me. Very often universal praise leads people to find things wrong with the film. Rendered by PID 31073 on r2-app-0784988ac3b064b48 at 2020-12-16 12:53:15.496823+00:00 running fa8e642 country code: JP. Sometimes, though, Parasite feels like the work of a boy auteur, burning an ant with his magnifying glass. Cannot live up to high expectations for an oscar-winning best film. I'm reminded of a time that a fast food company put out a potential budget for their full time, minimum wage employees. In the end, they lost, because of their incompetence. It is in those ambiguities that we hash out a common moral compass, not in platitudes and absolutes. They are both fathers to a son and a daughter for whom they want the best. Just because I enjoyed the movie and speak to a few certain critiques does not mean that you have to enjoy the movie, only that I feel like certain views were unfounded given the text of the film. I didn’t feel like any character was particularly clever and no one had any redeeming qualities. It is part of a character arc where a downtrodden man, one who has had quite the past day, finally loses it and crosses the line. There are lazy poor people and poor people who work extraordinarily hard. Whether sad or uplifting, or both, I want to leave the theatre with a new perspective on life. Are you seriously going to belittle someone for posting a well thought out rebuttal to common criticisms of a movie they enjoyed? No one has been exploited or displaced or underpaid or overworked or put in harms way in search of profit? Originally published on February 10, 2020 @ Es una película buena, pero sobrevalorada. The Park's aren't extraordinarily naive, they're rich. A poor family of four lives at the end of a dead end in the film “Parasite,” by the Korean director Bong Joon-ho, which wreaks a devastating twist on a dark truth of capitalism. Kim’s hands were on his daughter and he left her to stab Park. He is reduced to a set of keys, and all other things are unimportant. Beautiful and inspiring cinematography. The film makes you play a guessing game of which of the two families are the most rotten. The world is both good and bending to my will, so why try to fix something that isn't broken? Least deserving BP winner ever. Mother made me cry more than any movie ever has. As long as things are going smoothly and they are getting what they want, they don't ask too many questions. [–]quirkus23 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children). Of course. This movie is probably the one I’ve liked the least on first viewing. I see the immoral actions of the Kim family to be a critique on social divide, but remember that they aren't to good guys. [–]its2ce[S] 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children), [–]Ghibli214 1 point2 points3 points 10 months ago (0 children). [I had previously written a negative review of Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer (2014).] Bong Joon Ho’s movie Parasite, which reached US theaters last month after its initial South Korean release in May, has been a massive hit among critics and audiences alike.After its Palme d’Or–winning première at Cannes, it sold over ten million tickets in South Korea alone, making it that country’s fourth biggest-selling film … The Host and Mother are two of my all time favorite films. Also, the Park family did not get swindled very hard. Again, for the people in the back, HE IS WRONG TO DO THIS. The first hours of Parasite is a whirlwind of fun, fascinating, and engaging ideas. Mendelsohn will play the lead cop in the feature. The Kim family was not some sudden criminal mastermind dynasty, they were a group who lucked into an opportunity and did everything they could to exploit it, until their inability allowed it to blow up in their faces. Incredibly overrated. Critics Pick Film Review: ‘Parasite’ Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho is on excoriating form in his exceptional pitch-black tragicomedy about social inequality in … This did not push him over the edge. His son is almost in the best position, being allowed more humanity than the rest of the family by virtue of being the love interest of a teenage girl (a plot point that gave me pause due to its statutory faux-pas). As far as the criminal hero being abhorrent, if you think the point of the movie was to say "poor people good, rich people bad", I think you've put the cart before the horse. Humorous first half turns violent and disgusting. Parasite is the most overrated Oscar winner of all time and apparently nobody is allowed to discuss the flaws, plot holes, and very problematic subtext without being harassed. The devil is in the detail in this grotesque critique of social inequality and the psychology of money. He reacts to Park Dong-ik's actions as though he, the employer, has crossed the line. Weird bad overacting, overhyped, cheesy and predictable story. The thing that I didn't like about that was that it felt like watching a different movie after that point. What if we disliked it because it's just not our kind of movie? [+]My_Opinions_Are_Good comment score below threshold-9 points-8 points-7 points 10 months ago (1 child). And the Park family aren't bad guys. By the end of its brisk two hours and 11 minutes, it will have cycled through black comedy, social satire, suspense, and slapstick. Mother made me cry more than any movie ever has. Simply OVERRATED, first hour it's ok, but the second it's repetitive and boring. The Kim's are not some heroic rags to riches story, but a tale of people who tried and failed until they were willing to do anything, including hurting innocent people, just to get to a place where they were no longer starving in a basement apartment. Post it on /r/TrueFilm. I will discuss this more later. Defying any strict genre classification, the film … But to be fair, critical darling movies like this are typically not my cup of tea. The second hour, plus, devolves into a repetitive, rude, ignorant, and self-absorbed malfunction of a movie and. And to top it off, which I stated earlier, it's a downer. The insult is not one of his actions or decisions, but just his station in life. I tried to avoid it. The obvious news was that he, like Geun-se, tried to run a bakery shop, but it failed (also arguably due to circumstances beyond his control). This globally successful blockbuster proves that the entire world is hungry for a clever critique of social issues, especially surrounding the class … I was hoping we would be blessed with 2 consecutive Oscar winners - Green Book and 1917- made to simultaneously entertain and enlighten audiences. But who knows, great film, makes you think. Hell, I prefer Snowpiercer more than this, but Memories of Murder is really exceptional movie. UK Cinema won't screen Wonder Woman 1984 as demand is 'too risky'. In that moment, speaking with Park Dong-ik about what is to come, he tries for the second time to relate to him. I finally was able to watch Parasite and following my viewing, I decided to look into the reviews on IMDB. There is a great moment where Kim Ki-taek speaks about 50 college grads applying to a single security guard job, and that points to the economic situation that breeds desperation and a willingness to do what you have to in service of getting ahead. Add in the fact that the part-time job folding pizza boxes was set up by his kids, and I imagine that as their father -- as the senior person who's supposed to be able to provide for his family -- he's pretty damned pissed off. Then the guy in the bunker shows up and I couldn't stop laughing 'cause it seemed like a super villain arriving suddenly in a very silly fashion. Yes, Kim was fed up, and could have blamed Park ultimately for the harm his family endured, but the stabbing seems incompatible with the care he had for his family. A woman commits murder, and the victim assaulted her cousin. Bong should have stopped while he was ahead. A corporation poisons a local river to save mother rather than firing a dozen employees, and those who drink from it get sick. [–]its2ce[S] -1 points0 points1 point 10 months ago (1 child), [–]WhovianForever 9 points10 points11 points 10 months ago (0 children). Other times, this type of film is so lacerating, so numbing in how it withholds redemption or tenderness, that the evil it illustrates seems to offer no exit. Is the fact that they didn't a gamebreaking anti-rich reduction where the wealthy are presented as too vapid to have even been successful? With The Great Gatsby Coming into the Public Domain Soon, Now Would be the Perfect Time for Disney to Revive the "Muppet Classic Literature" Series of Films. This is one insult too many, and while overwhelmed by the circumstances and powerless to do much of anything, he expresses his frustration, grief, and self-actualization through violence. I have heard film critics rave about this movie since the Cannes movie festival in May of 2019.I have to say I was quite disappointed by this film.I thought the first hour was slow and quite average.There was one great 10 minute scene in this I have heard film critics rave about this movie since the Cannes movie festival in May of 2019.I have to say I was quite disappointed by this film… Parasite is the first foreign language film to win Best Picture, and has won the first ever Oscars for South Korea, a country with a vibrant cinema culture that is having an incredible year. All went to the basement? Happens every year and the reasons are usually very superficial (Mad Max, La La Land, Dunkirk, etc.). [–]its2ce[S] 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (1 child).

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