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The Conversation Africa has set up a COVID-19 WhatsApp service to help stem misinformation around the virus. The Conversation Africa is a news and analysis website which is a collaboration between academics and journalists. The Conversation is a free resource: free to read (we’ll never go behind a paywall), and free to share or republish under Creative Commons. The country’s effort is being led by Professor Shabir Madhi. The launch of the State of Knowledge of Soil Biodiversity Report highlights this. These conditions are associated with increases in mortality, especially in children and the elderly. Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, has a litany of financial and operational problems. The Conversation Africa is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public. Community engagement is a key tool in building sustainable interventions. Traffic flows past trees that have been felled to make way for a highway in Nairobi, Kenya on November 12, 2020. Our aim is to promote better understanding of current affairs and complex issues. Olukayode Jaiyeola/NurPhoto via Getty Images). We aim to help rebuild trust in journalism. Authors’ funding and potential conflicts of interest must also be disclosed. The response to domestic violence by the police in Ghana and Nigeria is lacking. All you need to do is follow our simple guidelines. The Conversation Africa | 836 followers on LinkedIn. Devex is the media platform for the global development community . In Ghana and elsewhere in Africa, NGO policies directing children’s welfare ignore indigenous knowledge on childhood, and how it can aid the sustainable implementation of interventions. Our team of professional editors work with university and research institute experts to unlock their knowledge for use by the wider public. Electricity customers should brace themselves for steeper increases. An independent news and analysis website produced by academics and journalists. ️The Nigerian Dream. THE CONVERSATION. — The service will send out broadcast messages each week with content from our site. We provide valuable media resources: free content, ideas and talent to follow up for press, web, radio or TV. Free to read and free to republish. We only allow authors to write on a subject on which they have proven expertise, which they must disclose alongside their article. Join the Conversation. Explore its past and future in our new series, Janet Yellen and Kamala Harris keep shattering glass ceilings – but global elite boys club remains, Cuts to UK foreign aid budget are shortsighted and could damage British interests, Oxford vaccine results are in: here’s how to ensure it is used, Growing turbulence in DRC’s ruling coalition points to an early divorce, Program Coordinator, Nursing (College of Vocational Education), Research Fellow / Associate Research Fellow – Trisno Family, Research Associate – Electron Microscopist. The Conversation Africa. ‎Welcome to Pasha, The Conversation Africa’s brand new podcast. Harvest from a confined field trial in Uganda shows a significantly higher yield (right) for the 3R Victoria potato, and without the use of fungicide. In 2017 the Goldman Sachs Group declared it the … Did Ethiopia’s attack on Tigray violate international laws? The Conversation is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community. Exactly what we talk about should be determined by the AEN members: this is the space to do that. Curated by professional editors, The Conversation offers informed commentary and debate on the issues affecting our world. Our team of professional editors work with university and research institute experts to unlock their knowledge for use by the wider public. . Former DRC President Joseph Kabila, left, congratulates his succesor, Felix Tshisekedi, on his inauguration in January 2019. Underpinned with the tagline ‘Academic rigour, journalistic flair’, the site celebrates the union of groundbreaking research translated by top journalists and editors into plain language stories understood by laymen. An analysis of 100 of the most powerful organizations in the world shows women are still struggling to penetrate the deepest corridors of power. The Nigerian government struggles to contain COVID-19 while other diseases suffer some measure of neglect, Photo by Kola Sulaimon/AFP via Getty Images. Africa in Focus Join the conversation on the top priorities for Africa over the next decade Brahima Sangafowa Coulibaly Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Call for Papers: Applied and Translational Research in National Development, Global Webinar: THE RIGHT OF A PEACEFUL (and not so peaceful) ASSEMBLY, Metals from urban pollution are contaminating the last few old forests in Cape Town, Oil refinery blast is one more reason South Africa should take industrial risks seriously, South Africa’s electricity supply: what’s tripping the switch, How Magufuli has steered Tanzania down the road of an authoritarian, Safe drinking water should mean safe collection too: how to reduce the risks, The year sports got canned: lessons from the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa, The profile of South African entrepreneurs surviving against unbelievably heavy odds, Nigeria’s census has always been tricky: why this must change, How to start a business: a beginner’s guide by an expert in strategy, A tribute to J.P. Clark, Nigeria’s nature poet. Sign in The police in Nigeria and Ghana must receive gender sensitivity training to effectively fight domestic violence. A major online publishing success as The Conversation Africa celebrates its third birthday Posted By: Caroline Southey on: May 07, 2018 In: Online The number of media outlets taking advantage of The Conversation Africa’s creative commons license has mushroomed to 234. — Nigeria’s last census was conducted in 2006. Demonstration in Montecitorio Square, Rome, Italy, on November 12, 2020 calling for the end of the government’s military actions in the northern region of Tigray. John Magufuli (centre) waves as he arrives to give a speech at a campaign rally in August 2020. It is supported by a number of donors as well as academic institutions. The Conversation believes in open access and the free-flow of information. Sehaam Khan, University of Johannesburg and Saurabh Sinha, University of Johannesburg, Doyin Odubanjo, Nigerian Academy of Science, Michael Aliber, University of Fort Hare and Wandile Sihlobo, University of the Witwatersrand, Anne-Liese Naude (Kruger), Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Llewellyn Leonard, University of South Africa, Rod Crompton, University of the Witwatersrand, Nicodemus Minde, United States International University, Dr Jo-Anne Geere, University of East Anglia, Kamilla Swart, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Melinda Du Toit, University of Johannesburg, Akanni Ibukun Akinyemi, Obafemi Awolowo University, Chinonye Ekwueme-Ugwu, University of Nigeria, Eugène Bakama Bope, Université de Lubumbashi, Tadessa Daba, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Victor Ongoma, The University of the South Pacific and Patricia Mwangi, Kenyatta University, Romaric C. Odoulami, University of Cape Town; Christopher Trisos, University of Cape Town, and Mark New, University of Cape Town, Charlene Janion-Scheepers, University of Cape Town, Sampson Addo Yeboah, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Namhla Matshanda, University of the Western Cape, Abena Asefuaba Yalley, University of Ibadan, Albert Kasanda, Czech Academy of Sciences, Call for Papers: Applied and Translational Research in National Development We’re connected by our shared interest in evidence and how it is used and produced to support development in Africa, but we talk about this in many different ways. Ashraf Hendricks/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images. She makes a deliberate choice to give attention to beauty and happiness in a country that rarely appears in English-language media, and when it … Academic rigour, journalistic flair | The Conversation is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public. Articles published by The Conversation Africa are also featured on sister sites in Australia, the UK, the US, France, Indonesia, Canada and Spain. Welcome to the AEN conversation space. All contributors must abide by our Community Standards policy. This year’s World Soil Day theme is: ‘Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity’. Ethiopian refugees who fled the fighting in Tigray Region are pictured at Um Rakuba camp in Eastern Sudan. The Trump administration’s policies affected Africa in detrimental ways but under Joe Biden the official tone is expected to become more diplomatic and certain ... By The Conversation … The Conversation Africa. The crisis in Tigray could have a spillover effect that will destabilise the Horn of Africa. The plight of live music mapped in the new survey should concern anyone looking to the return of the country’s diverse live music scene. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation Africa, Inc. Overseas aid doesn't just help developing countries, Britain also benefits hugely. Survivalist entrepreneurs are determined to overcome individual, social and structural challenges. 24 mil Me gusta. The Conversation Africa is a non-profit, public benefit organisation. The Conversation Africa. A … Many Nigerians are expected to travel during the Christmas holiday season. / The Conversation Africa. — Governments can't force people to be vaccinated, but they can penalise those who don't. All authors and editors sign up to our Editorial Charter. Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images. And hopefully allow for a better quality of public discourse and conversation. July 26, 2015 by The Conversation Africa Leave a Comment. In collaboration with our sister edition in France we also have an office in Dakar. Photo by Andrea Ronchini/NurPhoto via Getty Images. … The Conversation Africa - YouTube. Eight months ago, when South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a strict lockdown for an initial 21 days in response to the Covid-19 threat, the decision was widely praised. From its first Melbourne-headquartered Australian edition, The Conversation has expanded to a global network of eight editions, operating in multiple languages. The Conversation has a monthly audience of 18 million users, and reach of 42 million through Creative Commons republication. Access to independent, high quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism underpins a functioning democracy. Download our Five year Stakeholder Report (PDF). Part of the Conversation global newsroom, the Creative Commons site is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community on and about Africa and African issues written by experts in their field. Primary Menu Skip to content. The Conversation Africa is a non-profit, public benefit organisation. Beyond recreational consumption, young Nigerians are using cannabis to aid their schooling and work. Take a look at our latest video offering. The Conversation Africa’s health and medicine editor Ina Skosana spoke to him about the process, and what can be expected. Download our Five year Stakeholder Report (PDF). A grant from the Chinese government will make way for a multimillion-dollar fishing port complex in Accra, Ghana. Join us. Firefighters dousing the fire at the Engen oil refinery in Durban, South Africa, in December 2020. Professor Patel and the CSDA have established a partnership with The Conversation Africa, an independent online publication that specialises in delivering high quality news and research from the academic and research community to the public. Failure to do so carries a risk of being banned from contributing to the site. The Conversation is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community. J. P. Clark was one of Nigeria’s most eco-conscious writers. It is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public. Drummer Jason Moser records a live-streamed performance in a South African theatre during lockdown. Parts of Nairobi are already dealing with temperature increases and reduction in humidity. The Conversation Africa. The Conversation Africa presents: The Nigeria Conversation ️️. University of Pretoria, University of Cape Town Summer School It is supported by a number of donors as well as academic institutions. South Africa produces about 16% of sub-Saharan Africa’s maize. Healthy soils are vital for food, biodiversity, and a healthy planet, but this below-ground world is often overlooked. Photo by Benson Ibeabuchi/AFP via Getty Images. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation Africa, Inc. Cape Town residents queueing to refill water containers at the Newlands Brewery Spring Water Point in January 2018. After endless, futile negotiations with the Kabila camp, Tshisekedi appears to have finally recognised the limits of the coalition government and has lost patience. University of Cape Town. This is why South Africa’s involvement in one of the COVID-19 vaccine trials is so important. Global economic policy excludes low-income countries from the spending options that developed nations use to buffer their economies in times of crisis, and the pandemic has inflamed that inequality. Search. Got a news tip or article idea for The Conversation? South Africa's electricity supply: what's tripping the switch - Rod Crompton. The Conversation Africa started in Johannesburg in May 2015 after Southey reached out to the global founder and received permission to launch an … Human Trafficking In South Africa: An Elusive Statistical Nightmare. In the spirit of The Conversation, Pasha – which means to inform in Swahili – will be bringing you some of the best and brightest research from academics across the continent. Oceans 21 is a Conversation international series examining the history and future of the world's ocean. Nigerians got their abusive SARS police force abolished – but elation soon turned to frustration, The loss of vegetation is creating a dangerous heat island over Nairobi, Dimming the sun could reduce future drought risk in Cape Town – but there’s a catch, Food and clean water start with soil biodiversity: learning more about it is urgent, Why child protection efforts in African rural communities require a change of approach, Nearly half of South Africa’s live music workers may quit the industry for good, What next for Ethiopia and its neighbours: Somalia and Eritrea, How Ghana and Nigeria police handle domestic violence cases, Why some young Nigerians are using cannabis as a normal part of life, The world’s ocean is bearing the brunt of a changing climate. All articles are free to republish. Water carriage is associated with pain, fatigue and violence against vulnerable people. A vendor cuts cannabis popularly known as marijuana for sale in Nigeria. The Conversation Africa (Johannesburg) The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. The Conversation Africa launched as a pilot project in May 2015. There have been a few accounts of patients who have tested positive, then negative, then positive again for COVID-19. The Conversation Africa was launched in May 2015 and now has offices in Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Accra. 25 K J’aime. A police officer in Lagos, Nigeria, Nov. 3. Search for: Tag Archives: Africa. African identities Africa’s policies hold key to LGBT rights on the continent: here’s how By The Conversation on May 15, 2020 May 15, 2020 Predominant public sentiment remains largely anti-homosexual and overshadows constitutionally guaranteed rights in Africa. Artificially dimming the sun, by injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere, could reduce the risk of Day Zero level droughts in Cape Town by more than 90% in the future. UK aid funds partnerships with schools in developing countries to build teachers’ skills and pupils’ understanding of global issues. The Conversation, Africa edition, went live today. The Nigeria Conversation borders on outlining three core issues: ️The Nigerian Promise. Nigerian Academy of Science, Global Webinar: THE RIGHT OF A PEACEFUL (and not so peaceful) ASSEMBLY Anthropologist Jess Auerbach focuses on everyday success rather than systematic failure in Angola.

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