Caroline Fourest is a journalist, columnist, filmmaker, director and co-founder of the journal ProChoix (feminist, anti-racist and secularist), columnist on France Culture and host of a TV show against stereotypes on LCP (the Parliamentary Channel).

For several years she was professor of “Multiculturalism vs. Universalism” at Sciences-Po Paris.

She has written many famous essays on the far right and fanaticism, including “Crossfire: a comparison between Jewish, Christian and Muslim fundamentalism”, “Brother Tariq: the doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan”, and  “Marine Le Pen unmasked”.

Most of her books are published in paperback and she has received several awards for her work, including the National Award of « Laïcité » in 2005, the Political Book Award, the Jean Zay Award, the Condorcet Award – Aron Award, the Fetkann Award, as well as the Adrien Duvand of Academy of Moral and Political Sciences Award.

For five years she was columnist at Le Monde newspaper (“Straight Talk”). She is a presenter on Radio France and takes part in many public debates in numerous countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, USA, Canada…

She was a journalist at Charlie Hebdo for five years, including during the « Cartoon affair ». She has received threats because of her work on Islamism and for signing the Manifesto against new Totalitarianism with Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen.

As a journalist she is a well known hate figure for extreme right-wing and racist groups, and has been physically attacked by members of a neo-fascist group for protesting against Marriage for all, which she defends.

As a filmmaker, she has produced 70 films to enable Muslim women’s voices around the World to be heard.

Her latest book is a very intimate portrayal of Inna Shevchenko, the leader of Femen. More than a portrait, it is a journal of the contemporary fight for feminism, which unites young rebels from Arab Spring to Ukrainian Spring.

Her next book, which will no doubt cause a stir, is a defence of Charlie Hebdo, as well as advocating the right to blaspheme which is essential in the fight against fanaticism and racism.


• To read One book of Caroline in english : Brother Tariq

• To see One film of Caroline in english : Our breast our weapon. 

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  1. Dear Caroline,

    I have come across your speech organized by UN Watch and thought that you were brilliant! Keep up your vital work. I am looking for your essay « Crossfire » and cannot seem to find it in google. Could you kindly show me where I can read it?

    Kind regards, Dan

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